Why Is Bianco Carrara The Most Fantastic Choice For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Why Is Bianco Carrara The Most Fantastic Choice For Your Kitchen and Bathroom?

Marble remains to be the most popular choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom flooring simply because of its elegant looks. Marble is highly heat resistant and in kitchen it can stand up well to hot vessels. Even used as surrounds in fireplaces, they do not yellow so easily on exposure to heat. It can also take in occasional spark on the surface. Unlike falsely dreaded, they do not require much maintenance. Especially when you choose Carrara marble, you are making the most economical choice combined with its classic appeal. Here is a discussion on why Bianco Carrara marble can be the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Know Carrara marble


Bianco Carrara, also called as Italian Carrara or White Carrara is a natural stone. It comes from a bedrock quarry in Carrara situated at the northernmost tip of Tuscany, Italy. In the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana. While this region quarries several types of white marble, Bianco Carrara is perhaps the least expensive and the most popular.


You can characterize bianco carrara marble by a white background with distinctive patterns of veining. Depending on the physical features and characteristics, there can be quite a few grades and types in Carrara marbles and therefore variations in color and movement are factors to note while making the selection. Tiles and slabs come from altogether different layers of the quarry. Therefore while ordering, it is wise to view at least a few samples to ascertain the possible looks and uniformity. You can expect to see some pin holes in Carrara as with the other types of marbles coming from this region.Bianco Carrara marble-bathroom

Usually the slabs are book-matched where two slabs are cut and polished to produce a mirror image of one another. On account of the special characteristic of Carrara marble. These matches are repeated as per the desired fashion so that there is a consistent flow ensured in the resulting pattern. If you wish to ensure the longevity of Carrara marble, it is advisable that you seal it appropriately.


Bianco Carrara is the most sought after marble varieties that wear shades of whites and grey. You get them in a number of finishes including honed, polished or tumbled in addition to bush hammered, sandblasted and brushed. It also comes in choices between slabs and tiles. You can get them as pre-cut marble slabs. Experts and designers highly recommend Carrara white marble both for homes and commercial projects for flooring as well as countertops. You can bank on the inimitable features of Carrara to add white or grey tones to the rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the most popular applications of Carrara marble stones include wall and floor applications in different rooms, countertops, bathrooms and kitchens, interior walls, mosaic, pool, wall capping, stairs and window sills in addition to backsplashes, fireplaces, tub Surrounds and Vanities.

Inimitable advantages of Bianco Carrara marble

Bianco Carrara is the most beautiful and classic pick for a variety of applications. Carrara tiles reveal a wide range of tones with white being the most preferred one. At the same time, they are not too expensive when compared with a handful of other popular options.
Easy cleaning is the most expected characteristic, especially when it comes to kitchen countertops. While the white background of Carrara can bestow a bright look to the kitchen, it provides a clean looking surface below your hands and food. Bianco Carrara feels really clean when just wiped down.
If you wish to have something more luxurious and durable while installing Bianco Carrara, you can go for lamination. As a natural stone with the finest vines decorating them in several ways, Carrara is always the best pick for homes and light commercial uses.

How Bianco Carrara would compare with other options?

When you wish to compare Bianco Carrara with some solid manmade materials like Corian and Quartz, some of the concerns are their pricey nature and plastic looks. The straight lines finishing them look more artificial and far removed from the natural looks bestowed by Carrara.
Quartz is quite expensive. Though you might sometimes find the sturdy and durable stones like granite and quartz in white, some of the concerns people have about them are their violet or pink veining or too much clogging of veins. On the other hand, Carrara wears a cool look with decent shading.
While you find the other marbles quickly escalate in price, Carrara can be the most economical and solid option particularly so in case of countertops.

Exciting Marble bathroom design remodel white marble wall tile a

How do Bianco Carrara and Calacatta compare?

Often thought to be the same, Carrara and Calacatta are two variations in marbles with several things in common and many things uncommon. Often people use these terms interchangeably as both of them hail from Italy. They look much similar in appearance featuring grey veining on white backdrop. Since much of Calacatta is also excavated from Carrara, this fact adds to the already existing confusion. The stark difference however lies in the fact that Carrara looks greyer showing up softer veining with Calacatta looking whiter with busier veining.

The patterning in Calacatta looks quite larger and thicker as against the linear, smaller and finer veining of Carrara. The greyer countenance of Carrara features several feathery and fine lines. Calacatta is quite rarer than Carrara and due to its heavy pricing, Calacatta is often called the more luxurious option. Carrara is widely and readily available in the market. Geologists say Carrara is the harder member of the two. Often the geologists attribute the finer and lighter veining as the reason for Carrara’s strength as the broader and darker veins of Calacatta bring down its strength a bit more. Therefore from the view points of price, looks and strength, Carrara wins over Calacatta marble.

Visualizing a trendy kitchen and bathroom with Bianco Carrara Marble

master-bathroom-in-Bianco Carrara-marble-complete-tile-marble-bathroom-tileCarrara is the ultimate choice for people looking forward to create an all in white kitchen. Accomplished in the right way, they can look incomparably great and stunning. Carrara white looks cooler though greyer than handful of other marbles. Therefore choose from a few samples to pick the hue that appeals to you. Carrara looks wonderful with chrome, brass and stainless steel fixtures. Even antique or rubbed looking brass fixtures pair well with Carrara marble. Cooler white shades of paints used for cabinets show up Carrara in a dignified way. If you wish Carrara to pop up well, then you might even go for darker color paints like royal blue and emerald green.

Most people consider white bathrooms a great option since you can paint them in different colors when they start to be boring. Bianco Carrara proves to be the most wonderful choice when it comes to white bathrooms due to its mild and cool features. Especially people love the way Carrara marble breathes more life into bathrooms combined with the chosen range of fixtures.

Why one would vote for Bianco Carrara?

The simpler, but elegant looking Carrara marble is the best choice for bathrooms and kitchens looking from several angles. They are considered the basic marble and the least expensive. Available at a highly reasonable price, the grayish lesser veined Bianco Carrara weighs more on the positive side as a better choice that can look pretty wonderful in a diverse kind of settings making it an ideal pick for a variety of applications.

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